Workflow Tool Service

Workflow Tool Functions

>> Replaces All Infrastructure Elements <<

  • Policy - Tool Use Establishes Sound Practices
  • Process- Step by Step Guidance for Teams
  • Education - Provides "Just-In-Time-Training" 
  • Checklists and Templates - Embedded in Tool
  • Expert Advice - Expert Contacts Can Be Included
  • Stakeholder Reviews - Captures Review Info
  • Team Communication - Information Vehicle
  • Information Repository - Tool is the Repository
  • Lessons Learned  - Captures New Ideas

What Are Workflow Tools? - Workflow Tools are supporting guidance for projects for a given PM function such as project start-up, planning,  risk management, project controls, supplier management and others. The tool combines organization policy, process, training, checklists, templates, information repository functions and other necessary PM infrastructure elements into a single vehicle for efficient and effective implementation of sound methods.

An Example - A workflow tool for project startup would combine the following. A startup process, a project definition worksheet, roles for different positions during startup, organization direction that certain actions are required during startup, checklists for startup and contact names for questions and advice.

Why Use Workflow Tools?- For any organization to have consistently successful projects, basic guidance needs to exist to avoid making the same mistakes over and over for critical project functions. This traditionally has been accomplished via the infrastructure listed on the right. Even if all of these structured elements exist and are adequate in their individual content, they are never in one place at one time and seldom, if ever, are fully integrated and mutually compatible. The end result is that limited value is realized. Workflow tools not only establish a common sense level of needed infrastructure but also provide "one stop shopping" by combining all infrastructure elements into a single vehicle. ​​
What Service is Available?- Generic workflow tools exist which can be customized for any organization's environment. Contact for details.