SEMINARS - One Hour Short Topics That Address Critical Project Success Factors

  1.  Saving a Troubled ProjectHow to Save a Current Troubled Project and What to do to keep Future Projects Out of Trouble
  2. Preparing a Project Plan Quickly and Effectively How to Develop a Basic Project Plan in a Short Time Frame
  3. Fixing Bad MeetingsWhat to Do to Make Your Meetings Effective and Interesting
  4. What Does Every Project Need to Be Successful – Understand the Critical Things You Can Do to Maximize Project Success
  5. What Project Sponsors Should Do to Make Projects Successful Sponsor Actions Critical to Project Success and What Not to Do
  6. How to Make Presentations to Get Your Ideas Accepted Guidance To Support Your Audience Hearing and Accepting Your Ideas
  7. How to Effectively Implement Strategic PlansLearn How To Effectively and Consistently Implement Strategic Initiatives
  8. Project Manager Competencies and a PM Development SystemWhat Skill Every PM Should Have, An Approach to PM Growth
  9. Assessing Organization Level Project Management CapabilitiesUncover Organization PM Strengths & Needed Improvements
  10. How to Start a Project to Maximize Success Effective Methods that are Easy to Perform and that are Valuable to any Project
  11. Instructional Design Basics for Everyone Learn Selected Basics for the Development of an Effective Course or Seminar
  12. Systems Engineering Basics for PMs Learn Some Basics of Systems Engineering and Be Able to Apply These to Your Projects
  13. What Infrastructure Is Needed to Support Consistent Project Performance? - Developing a PM Infrastructure
  14. Key Lessons Learned in Supplier Management Making Sure Your Subcontracts Add Benefits to Your Efforts, Not Problems
  15. Should Projects Really Spend Time Managing Risks? Key Things to Consider When Risks Threaten Your Projects
  16. Making Project Communications Easy and Effective Teams Must Communicate, How to Do It Effectively Without Too Much Effort
  17. The Concept of “Customer Value” Every Organization Needs to Build Value for Its Customers to Survive, How Is This Done?
  18. Critical, Strategic and Systems Thinking What are Important Thinking Methods and How Can They Be Applied to Your Projects?
  19. Business Architecture What is Business Architecture? Why is it Important to any Organization? What Should Be Done?
  20. Handling Difficult Project Situations - “Learn How to Handle Troubling Project Situations Effectively”​
  21. How to Get Management to Accept Your Ideas – Key Guidance To Support Your Audience Understanding and Accepting Your Ideas
  22. Ethical Considerations for Project Managers – Understanding  and using ethical thinking to make the project successful
  23. Taking Charge and Driving Project Success – Critical methods any PMs can use to drive their projects to consistently make progress 
  24. Building Teamwork and Collaboration in Your Project Team– Any project needs teamwork, communication and collaboration to be effective, learn how to make sure these critical project success factors exist on your projects.
  25. Managing Project Customers – Customers and sponsors can support project success or be a reason for project failure. As a PM, it is important to learn how to best manage these stakeholders.
  26. Business Case Preparation - How to complete an effective business case
  27. Project Architectures -  Understanding and applying the definition of the overall framework of a project as the project is started

Contact for details. Seminars are offered in packages of six topics delivered on-line. Special rates for multiple purchases and for academic and 501k organizations.