Project Post Mortems

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What Is A Project Post Mortem A post mortem is a review of a project after the project is completed to identify key good things that were done so those practices can be replicated on other projects and to review challenges and issues the project faced to define better methods for future projects. Multiple types exist.

Why are Post Mortems ImportantFor any project, organization or business to improve, one must know what is good and what is not. With the information developed by a project post mortem, an organization can identify what went well and what needs to be improved. Team member professional growth is also enhanced.

What Resources are AvailableTwo resources are available, a basic post mortem checklist and a post mortem guide.

-The basic checklist with instructions can be used today.

-The guide provides information on developing an in-depth post mortem checklist tailored to the organization and includes detail guidance on post mortem conduct.