PM Interview Questions - What to Ask Candidates Applying for PM Positions

A good candidate for any PM position will need many different skills and personal attributes. Interviews intended to select the best candidate for a given position should use, in part, a predetermined set of questions that will support the interviewer in gaining insights into the applicants overall PM skill set and suitability for the respective opening.

  The Process

    Step 1 - Review the Question Set and Notes to Interviewers

    Step 2 - Use or Modify Questions and/or Notes to Align with Org Needs

    Step 3 - Review Prior to the Interview, Use Document to Capture Notes

    Step 4 - Use Interviews to Improve the Questions Set and Notes

WHAT  -  Questions that can be used for interviewing candidates for PM positions. Questions cover basic skills and experience and can be tailored to the respective environment.

WHY  -  Selecting the best applicant for a PM position requires information about the applicant's skills and experience in multiple areas. Since there are so many facets to being a good project manager, a framework of predefined questions is essential for a competent interview to be conducted.

​HOW  -  The available question set can be used in different ways. Options are:

  • Use “as is” and use all questions
  • Use "as is" and use a subset of questions
  • Add new questions, change the nature of existing questions
  • Use the question set as ideas to develop a custom version
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