​​WHAT- A business case is an analysis to determine if it is in the best interests of an organization to make some type of important change. The business case analysis looks at the costs and paybacks, the advantages and disadvantages and the positive and negative impacts to stakeholders of a given decision.
​WHY - Sound business decisions are needed for any organization to be successful. Organizations often make critical decisions that can require significant time and resources and that can have substantial positive and negative impacts on the organization, the organization’s customers and employees. As such, these decisions must be made carefully and a business case template provides necessary guidance.
​HOW - Instructions are included in each worksheet. Starting with the simplest version will support learning fundamental concepts.


  • "Multiple Alternative" worksheet versions exist for business cases where more than one decision option exists. As an example, a new system, a modified system and outsourcing the work a current system performs are "multiple alternatives" for a problem of a current inadequate system.
  • "Single Alternative"  worksheet versions are available for business cases that have a "yes or no" decision to make. Considering a business partnership is a "yes or no" decision.
  • Comprehensive, Intermediate, Basic and Fundamentals Only Worksheet Versions are available for each type noted above. This allows matching the size and complexity of a business decision to an appropriate level of analysis detail.

Business Case Worksheets - Templates and Processes for Business Cases

When any business or organization is faced with an important decision, careful consideration of many factors related to that decision are often needed to ensure the right overall decision is made. A business case provides this needed discipline.

Worksheet Functions- These worksheets provide:

  • A process to perform a business case analysis
  • A vehicle to collect / disseminate analysis information
  • A format for business case reports
  • Expectations setting for analysis work complexity
  • A basis for business case analysis training