PM Improvement Worksheet

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​​What and Why
Making improvements in project management and understanding PM learning needs, requires multiple steps. A first step is the understanding of the environment that projects exist within. This worksheet supports initial discussions focused on understanding the project environment.

​​​Options for Use
Option A) Individual Review and Evaluation

Any individual within an organization can use this worksheet to form an initial set of information on project management to support improvements.

Option B) Team Discussion
A team approach can be very effective where a group of individuals knowledgeable in projects completed in the organization meet and use this worksheet as a discussion agenda and to capture ideas in support of subsequent PM evaluation and improvements.

Option C) Team Discussions with External PM Expert
A productive option can be to work with an external PM expert to discuss the topics included here with a team of individuals knowledgeable in organization projects and their challenges. Using this approach, the expert can ask follow-up questions and facilitate group discussions to provide more in-depth understanding of the organization’s project management improvement environment while also building consensus of these needs within the team.