Project Need and Concept Worksheets - First Information for a New Project

When an idea for a new project surfaces, information needs to be captured, disseminated and discussed prior to any project being considered for further definition and eventual authorization. This worksheet provides a vehicle to generate and hold this critical information related to initial project considerations.

WHAT- This worksheet provides a means for any organization to capture and communicate the first information generated about a potential project for purposes of discussion and making a decision to define and pursue a project or not. This worksheet precedes a detailed business case, where that is needed, and precedes a project definition (or project charter) that itself, precedes the project plan. The "Concept and Need" worksheet captures the need and initial concept of what the project might be. Alternative projects are considered to meet the given need. The worksheet is of value in any size or type of project.(Also See Project Definition Worksheet )
​WHY - Efforts fail and are successful for the same reasons and many are related to initial project definition work. Communications, clear project need, understood root causes, roles, impacts, the right alternative solution selected and other factors can make or break any project. This worksheet supports attainment of these critical project success factors.​
​HOW - Instructions are on the worksheet. Use one of the worksheets to capture information about a new idea for a project. Completion of the worksheet in a team environment usually provides the best results.