Project Success Checklists - Things to do to make your project successful

Project managers can increase the probability of their projects by reviewing the core topics that support success and keep projects from repeating common errors. These checklists identify those core topics and provide the PM, Team and Management with a quick way to if important success factors exist on any project.

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WHAT  -  Success checklists are sets of questions to determine if your project is positioned to be successful. Questions included are based on decades of analysis of why projects get into trouble. The worksheets include space to define corrective actions. A 20 question version and a basic 12 question version are available.‚Äč

Example Topics - Roles are defined for all external stakeholders and accepted. The project's deliverable and requirements are clearly defined and understood by all stakeholders. Known project constraints are defined and communicated.

WHY  -  Projects are successful and projects fail for common and well understood reasons. Why not verify that your project is aligned with important success factors, or if not, what can be improved.


  • Project Completes Checklist and Identifies Needed Changes

  • Checklist Reviewed Periodically During Project

  • Management Can Use At Any Time to Evaluate Success Factors

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