Web Based Resources for Your Organization

"On-Demand" "Just-In-time"  Learning for Your Project Teams

Many learning methods can be effective, but studies have shown that when something is learned  just when that respective knowledge and/or skill is needed, that both the level of comprehension and the level of retention increase due to enhanced learner engagement. This critical advantage coupled with the ability to provide project teams with tutorials, tools and other "immediate need" information makes web based resources of significant learning value to projects and organizations.

WHAT   -   A web site unique to an organization that provides resources to support learning and effective PM methods implementation.

Example  -  This web site is an example of what your organization can build to support better management of projects. Tools, web based tutorials, examples and other resources are example site components.

WHY - Learning when one needs to learn has been shown to be very effective as the level of engagement and the immediate application of what is learned supports both retention and depth of understanding. Web based resources can provide this type of learning to augment live training and other learning methods. Such a site can  be also a repository for new ideas to capture lessons learned and best practices.
HOW - What to Do
  • Review this site for an awareness of example site content and structure
  • Assemble a team, determine what your PM resources site should be and do
  • Assemble materials, start small, build and improve site content over time
  • Consider links to this site and others to enhance your site's value


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