WHAT- Checklists, templates and other tool resources developed specifically for your organization to support PM functions.

​WHY- Tools are needed so teams do not have to re-invent the wheel every time a new project is started and are an important means to avoid and not repeat errors of the past. Generic tools offer some help but tools tailored to a given organization's needs and environment can be significantly more effective.

HOW- Generic and proven tools already exist as a foundation for many tool needs and these proven core tools are modified to align with an organization's unique needs and to align with existing infrastructure components. Where a desired new tool lacks a generic basis, additional steps are completed which involve defining the context the new tool will reside within coupled with a clear definition of both organization and user tool needs.

(Fee Is Based on Work Scope)

Custom Tool Development Service - Tailored Tools for Your Organization

Significant advantages for projects can exist through the use of checklists, templates and other resources that implement lessons learned to reduce errors and increase the probability of project success. Generic tools are of value and a number are available on this site. For tools to be of most value, they need to be tailored to a given organization's environment and this service is available to do that.