WHAT   -   A method of taking one needed improvement and focusing on completing that single improvement. Focused improvements also address multiple dimensions of a solution where process, training, a tool and role definitions are example of the needed components to a single improvement.

WHY   -   Focused improvements allow an improvement team to "focus" on a single area, make good progress, make sure all improvement components are of high quality and are integrated. This approach allows periodic improvement deliveries to energize both the organization and the improvement team while not overwhelming the organization with too many change initiatives.


  • Perform an evaluation to determine what to improve - See Assessments
  • Select a high payback and low effort improvement topic to start
  • Form a team, decide what specifically will be done - See Infrastructure
  • Pilot the new ideas and refine
  • Communicate the new approach and move to the next improvement

           (Facilitation services available, fee is based on work scope)

Focused Improvements  -  "Focusing on One Improvement at a Time" 

There are many things an organization can do to advance the effectiveness of project management. Trying to improve too many areas at once almost always fails, and by the way, you can't "boil the ocean."  What has been shown to be an effective approach is to select one area of PM where an improvement is clearly of value and then work in a focused, multi-dimensional  and urgent manner to do a great job on that one improvement. Then move to others.