WHAT- The project definition is a several page document that contains critically defining information about a project. The template is intended to be a vehicle for project stakeholders to collect, discuss, communicate and decide important project information during start-up.​
Example Content- Definition of Roles, Identification of Sponsor, Key Budget and Schedule Constraints, Owner of Requirements, Decision Makers and many more topics.
​WHY - You may have heard "Most projects in trouble today, started out that way." This is often very true and this worksheet can resolve a significant percentage of common project pitfalls. Projects get into trouble at start-up because critical information about the project is not defined or is not common knowledge for all stakeholders, causing many problems later in the project.​
​How - Review both worksheet versions and choose one. You might also build your own using ideas from these worksheets. Complete the noted steps to the right to implement on a project.
( No Fee, Tool Is Provided at No Cost )

Project Definition Worksheet - Communicating Critical Project Information

Many projects get into trouble right at the start because many important aspects of the project are either not defined, not communicated or not fully understood by all stakeholders. A solution exists in the form of a simple project definition template prepared and distributed at project start. This can be one of the easiest things to do to support success.

  The Process

    Step 1 - Select a Version, Download, Adjust Content As Needed

    Step 2 - Work With Other Stakeholders to Complete All Areas

    Step 3 - Distribute for Stakeholder Review, Update and Communicate

    Step 4 - Use the Completed Information to Educate All Involved

    Step 5 - Keep It Up To Date, Re-Distribute When Revised