PM Discovery Survey

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WHAT  -  An evaluation of your organization projects to determine the level of maturity of core project management functions to support leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses.

WHY  -  To understand strengths to leverage and what needs improvement, an assessment or an organization's PM performance is needed, just as a physician diagnoses a patient.

HOW  -  What to Do

  • Download Both Surveys
  • Determine Which Survey is Best Suited to Your Environment
  • Read the Instructions in the Survey
  • Assemble a Team and Complete the Survey as a Group
  • Follow Instructions to Assess Your Organization's PM Capabilities
  • When Desired, Use the Results as a Basis for Improvements

Versions  -  Two versions of the "Discovery Survey" are available, a BASIC and an INTERMEDIATE version. It is recommended to start with the basic version unless the intermediate version contains important assessment components needed for your evaluation.