WHAT- The worksheet is used to design the meeting and to capture key information about the meeting. This information is communicated to attendees before and after the meeting.

​WHY- Meetings are key to good team communications and important meetings need to be "designed" to be an effective communication event vs. something that is scheduled "so we can talk."

  • ( Detail Instructions Included on the Detail Worksheet )
  • Meeting Organizer Uses Worksheet to Design the Meeting and to Communicate Meeting Info to Invitees
  • Worksheet is Used to Manage the Meeting and to Capture Post Meeting Notes For A Record and to Communicate Decisions and Actions
( No Fee, Tools are Available Without Cost )

Meeting Worksheets - Fix Bad Meetings

Most everyone has a dislike for meetings and we all know why. Boring, disorganized, no outcome I need, my time is wasted and the list goes on and on. But team communications can make or break a project and team meetings are a critical component of team communications. So what is the solution to horrible meetings?  Meeting organizers using a meeting design document can be a major improvement. Meetings may not be total fun, but they can be much better.