All Learning Resources List

Understanding Learning- View a short seminar on learning so that you understand what learning is and what levels of learning exist and are needed to effect real improvements.

Learning Needs Analysis - A learning needs assessment survey to establish requirements for focused, productive and cost effective training initiatives.

Seminars - Seminars can provide a general understanding of a complex topic or can offer key detail information in a specific area. In today's fast paced work environment, often short topics like these are a great way to educate teams without the investment of time for longer classes.

Courses - Generic PM courses are available for all PM fundamental topics. Each course has been developed and refined over more than a decade of use in industry, government and higher education environments. Learning concepts are coupled with skills building exercises. Many courses are PMI® (Project Management Institute) accredited.​

Tailored Workshops - Often a very  effective learning approach is to use a proven course in a workshop format where students learn fundamental and advanced topics and then immediately apply that learning on real projects from their environment. This is a great way to acquire and retain valuable skills.

Free PM Tutorials, Project Manager's Quick Reference - Free learning, read overviews of critical project managing functions to understand core concepts, terms and context.

PM Resources Web Site for Your Organization - Build a PM Resources web site to support your organization's projects and to advance the discipline of PM in your environment.

Coaching and Experts - A key part to developing skills in project managers and project team members is to establish a "Coaching and Expert" function within an organization. This approach is used in concert with training and tools to provide real "on-the-job" learning.