PM Infrastructure

For any organization to support  consistent and successful project performance, a complete set of PM infrastructure components must be in place as each component has a unique role and each component needs support from  other infrastructure components to function. A seminar is available addressing the "what, why and how" of  PM infrastructures.

A PM Infrastructure Can Be Developed for Your Organization

Policy - The basic requirements for managing projects must be defined and communicated to project teams to establish minimum acceptable methods.

Process - To stop "repeating the same errors over and over" and to instill common sense repeatable effective methods, an organization needs a few basic PM processes to communicate best methods.

Tools - An organization does not need project teams "re-inventing the wheel" every time a new project starts, so some basic checklists, templates and other PM tools are needed to support success.

Training - Project managers and teams need to be educated on PM fundamentals. Seminars, courses and skills building workshops are valuable. Tailored versions provide the most learning.

Experts - Experienced PMs can bridge the gap for project teams between the generic guidance in processes and training and the real world issues projects face.

Web Based Support Resources - All of the above infrastructure components need to be easily accessible by project teams and a web site dedicated to your "PM Infrastructure" is a clear answer.