PM Courses and Workshops

Workshops are courses with additional skills building activities using client projects and environment specifics. All courses and workshops have been conducted in a variety of industry, academic, non-profit and government venues. Many courses are PMI® accredited. Contact  for details.

PM General Courses
A.   Project Management Overview / PM Foundations - One Day
B.   PM Overview for Executives - Two Hour and Half Day Versions
C.   All of Project Management, All the Basics, Skills Building - Two Days
D.   All of Project Management, All the Basics, Skills Building, Advanced Topics - Three Days

Project Phase Generic or Tailored Courses and Workshops
E.  Project Initiation - One Day Workshop
F.   Project Planning - Two Day Workshop
G.  Project Execution, Control and Metrics Course - One Day Workshop
H.  Risk Management - One Day Workshop

Specialty Courses and Workshops
I.   Systems Engineering for PMs Overview - Half Day and Full Day Versions

J.   Systems Engineering for PMs, Overview, Skills Building Workshop - Two Days

K.  Managing Subcontractors, Procurement Management Course - One Day

L.  Agile, Systems Engineering, Project Management, Business Analysis, What is All of this? - Half Day
M. Project Team Communications, Meetings and Reporting Workshop - Half Day
N.  Meetings Management Workshop - Half Day
O.  Using MS Project Workshop - Half Day
P.  Instructional Design for Technical Teams - One Day
Q.  Improving Business Processes - Half Day and Full Day Versions

R.  Effective Business Case Workshop - Half Day and Full Day Versions

S.  Ethics Workshop - Half Day (can be also used for professional engineering license requirements)

T.  Project Structuring - Half day workshop on critical project startup tasks that resolve classic project failures