PMO - Setting Up a Project Management Office

For many organizations, a project management office (or PMO) can be critical to project success. Different variations of PMOs exist, all have advantages and disadvantages. Consider a PMO and consider requesting advice on setting one up.


  • Type 1 PMO - PM Resource Pool PMO - All PMs exist within a single group vs. being distributed across the organization. PMs are assigned to projects but remain in a project management organization.
  • Type 2 PMO - Strategic Infrastructure PMO - A set of leaders, commonly senior PMs and/or their management, exist as a long term working group that handles the PM infrastructure development and implementation including PM processes, training, tools, systems, skills inventories, etc. This group might also manage PM promotions and hiring. 
  • Type 3 PMO - Strategic Lessons Learned PMO  - A group of working PMs that meet regularly (ex: monthly) to share strategic thoughts including project issues and solutions and lessons learned. In essence a PM SIG or CoP.
  • Type 4 PMO - Tactical PMO - A group of operating PMs that meet often (ex: weekly) to address tactical issues such as team member resource assignments, project operating issues and other immediate term topics.
  • Type 5 to "n" PMO  - Variations- Combinations of the above that may include additional organization responsibilities.

Contact for advice on configuring a PMO type and setting up and operating a PMO in your environment.