The Process

    Step 1 - Review Organization Environment

    Step 2 - Define Relevant Competency Categories

    Step 3 - Define Individual Competencies in All Categories

    Step 4 - Stakeholder Reviews, Update and Baseline

    Step 5 - Pilot Implementation, Final Updates, 1 Year Support

What Can Be Done

A customized PM competency model can be developed for any organization. A comprehensive generic project manager competency model exists that has been developed over decades of data collection from industry and Government models coupled with several decades of model implementation and refinements. This generic model can be used as a foundation to develop a complete and practical PM competency model specifically tailored for a given organization.

Project Manager Competency Model Development Service

For any organization to hire, assign, develop and promote individuals working in project management positions, the competencies for that position need to be defined. Project manager competencies in any given environment will be a combination of generic PM skills and knowledge, coupled with unique knowledge and skills related to the respective industry and the respective organization. A competency model customized to a given organization's respective environment is needed.