Step 1 - Know Where You Are Now – “The Current Location, The Current State”

  • Know your Organization’s Mission, Vision and Current Strategies and Priorities
  • Understand the Problem or What Improvement is Needed
  • Understand the Root Causes of the Problem or the Root Drivers of the Improvement

Step 2 - Know Where You Want to Go – “Pick the Destination, the Better Place”

  • Define the Destination, the Outcomes that are Needed, the Improved Situation
  • Define Conditions that will Exist After Solving the Problem or Making the Improvement

Step 3 - Identify the Path - "Find the Best Route to the Better Place"

  • Define alternative paths that address the root causes and reach the destination
  • Compare Alternative Paths in Terms of Finances, Resources and Good and Bad Impacts and Select the Best One Overall

Step 4 - Plan , Execute and Make  Course Corrections – “Be the Captain of the Ship”

  • Make a Plan of What Work is Needed, Who Will Do It and In What Order Work is Done
  • Execute your Plan and Make Course Changes to Reach the Destination

Organization Wide Improvements in Project Management

The following steps are critical to improving how projects are managed across your organization

Step 1

Know Your Current Location

Step 2

Identify Your Destination

Step 3

Select Your Route

Step 4

Plan the Route and Get Going