Organization Wide Improvements in Project Management

The following steps are critical to improving how projects are managed across your organization

Step 1

Know Your Current Location

Step 2

Identify Your Destination

Step 3

Select Your Route

Step 4

Plan the Route and Get Going

Step 1 - Know Where You Are Now – “The Current Location, The Current State”

  • Know your Organization’s Mission, Vision and Current Strategies and Priorities
  • Understand the Problem or What Improvement is Needed
  • Understand the Root Causes of the Problem or the Root Drivers of the Improvement

Step 2 - Know Where You Want to Go – “Pick the Destination, the Better Place”

  • Define the Destination, the Outcomes that are Needed, the Improved Situation
  • Define Conditions that will Exist After Solving the Problem or Making the Improvement

Step 3 - Identify the Path - "Find the Best Route to the Better Place"

  • Define alternative paths that address the root causes and reach the destination
  • Compare Alternative Paths in Terms of Finances, Resources and Good and Bad Impacts and Select the Best One Overall

Step 4 - Plan , Execute and Make  Course Corrections – “Be the Captain of the Ship”

  • Make a Plan of What Work is Needed, Who Will Do It and In What Order Work is Done
  • Execute your Plan and Make Course Changes to Reach the Destination