Thoughts for Project Team Members

Your Situation - You probably have the best job. You get to do real work and probably are insulated from some of the politics and challenges that face your project manager and organization management.  But you may be frustrated by project chaos, poor direction, poor requirements, lack of  clear roles, changing project priorities and other difficulties. You can't solve all these issues, but you can do something. Use materials from this site to make your own work more organized and support the PM in managing the project. Both of these actions can reduce some of the chaos and make everyone's situation less frustrating.

What To Do - Work hard on projects, it will build your skills. Seek out professional growth opportunities to learn more. Use the resources on this site to learn and support projects you work on. Accept the fact that managing your work is "real work" that will take "real time and energy," but it is an investment in making things better for yourself and for your project. Work constructively with your PM and organization management to make improvements and don't be afraid to provide new ideas. Most importantly, do not wait for others in your organization to take action to improve things, they are probably very busy and also may not be "improvement focused." Many great improvements start at your level, do something good, try it out, make it better and then share your ideas.