Thoughts for Organization Management

Your Situation- Any organization can support or hinder project success by providing or not providing the right supportive environment. Be aware that you may not have a complete awareness of all of the challenges your projects face, so you may not know where improvements are needed. It is your responsibility to lead your organization and to improve it. Things can be improved, customers will benefit, the organization will be better, PMs and teams will benefit and your improvement leadership will benefit yourself as well.

What To Do  -  Periodically Meet with your PMs and team members, ask for their ideas on what needs improvement. They typically will know but may not have good ideas on how to make all needed improvements. then make improvement decisions based on your knowledge of overall organization issues and needs. Read the  "paper"  on improvements so you can avoid common pitfalls. Consider using the free "PM Discovery Survey"  as a quick top level look at PM capabilities. Consider a free consulting call to discuss your survey results and ideas on what to do. Even better, employ the in-depth  "Organization PM Maturity Assessment"  to understand all of your organization's PM strengths, needed improvements, the root causes of project issues and an expert's opinion on exactly what to change and how. All of this is important, do something, it is not that hard and the results can be great.

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